Change is good.

Big changes are happening around here. While they’re in process, please head over to my current website, Perception Studios, for information on my coaching.

Do you dream of living an extraordinary life?

But, somehow, you never quite get there?

Do you find yourself procrastinating, distracted, bogged down and stuck?

That's where I come in.

I help you clear the mental and emotional blocks, create a plan and make the changes necessary to turn your dream into reality.

Here's how:

Unbelievable Ease

Bespoke one-on-one coaching programs for people who want life to be massively productive, magically fun — and majorly easy.

Talks, Workshops & Hot Seat Coaching

Do the people in your group, class or team have big visions, big ambition, and a genuine desire to make the world a happier place? Bring me in for a talk, workshop or hot seat coaching session that will un-block, inspire and teach tools to take action!

Boring Change

What if changing your mind, changing your behaviors and changing your life was so easy, it was almost . . . well . . . boring? It’s possible–on your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home–with this downloadable kit.

It’s not magic, it just seems like it.

I've coached authors and entrepreneurs, coaches and psychologists. I've coached people from my neighborhood and New York, from France to Australia.

What people are saying

My work with Shannon has been nothing short of transformational. She helped me work through an issue that had been holding me back for decades. Now that I’m on the other side of it, it feels like a miracle has occurred. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her help and I take great comfort in knowing she’s there for me. With Shannon’s help, I feel unstoppable.


Janine Adams

Professional Organizer, Peace of Mind Organizing

If you’re in need of amazing, right on, heart-centered coaching, hire Shannon.


Jen Louden

author of The Woman's Comfort Book, coach, speaker & retreat creator

Working with Shannon has been one of the best decisions I have made in developing my coaching business.  Individual sessions and group calls have been invaluable for me for my own process, for learning how to use these skills with my clients and in my business development.  I wasn’t even sure what my questions were in the beginning and she skillfully helped me find the steps that were the most effective in reaching my goals.

Shannon’s comfortable conversational style makes it easy to work through any issue and helps me to know that I am putting my energy toward the things that are truly important to me.  I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to achieve their goals with joyful anticipation.


Debby Potts

Life Coach, TTouch Instructor, BodyTalk Practioner - The Integrated Human

I am so thankful for the version of me who decided to sign up for coaching with Shannon. She is a genius. I am a genius when I am talking to her. It is all genius! I don’t understand what she does or how it works or why it works but I am continually amazed at how easily huge hard stucknesses just fall away and dissolve and transform until, by the end of the call, I am left wondering, “Huh. Was that actually a problem?”


Elizabeth Halt

I hired Shannon because I was deeply stalled – and increasingly panicked and discouraged about that. And very done with trying to figure out a solution by myself.

What I got was immediate relief and motion – as quickly and easily as promised (literally overnight). I just started doing what needed doing again. With my brain and heart fog lifted, I didn’t even crave as much coffee (and I love coffee).

To my pleasant surprise, the effect lasted and lasted. Of course, I’ve returned for more sessions because I love them so much, but not because I needed a booster shot. We just move on to the next set of challenges.

Being who I am and in the business I’m in, I am a huge fan of everything that is as efficient as it is effective. Knowing I can move swiftly through what’s between me and my ambitions is the best thing ever – and now an essential part of my support systems.

Discovering Shannon’s work was among my highlights of the year (right up there with hearing, “You’re okay, it’s benign.”). If you’re ready for some hot-knife-through-butter change, you can’t do better than her coaching programs.


Cairene MacDonald

The Atelier of Time

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How to Fall

And more importantly how to get up again.  It’s natural when you’re a kid. You probably don’t remember learning to walk yourself, but odds are, you’ve seen a toddler in the act. The falling, the getting back up, the trying and trying and trying. The cheering and encouragement for every effort. The falls may include […]

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